Get a showroom finish on your own driveway. The Vehicle system is made for cleaning the details on any vehicle, be they cars, bikes or boats. Be your own valeter.

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Vehicle System Vehicle System
For use on all vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats and many more. Includes 1 tool + 4 brush heads High power motor (10K oscillations p/min) Ideal on alloys, bodywork, dashboards, and more Watertight & Lightweight (212g) 4 x AA Batteries included
Lug Nut Brush (x2) Lug Nut Brush (x2)
Designed to fit lug nuts perfectly with long bristles and a recessed centre. Give lug nuts a hug. 2 per pack For lug nuts, alloys and bodywork Medium strength bristles 1.5" Head Diameter Dishwasher safe
Medium Brush (x2) Medium Brush (x2)
The SonicScrubber all-rounder for all your general detailed cleaning needs. 2 per pack For grout, appliances, and general use Medium strength bristles 0.75" Head Diameter Dishwasher safe
Cone Brush (x2) Cone Brush (x2)
Rigid and pointy bristles for getting into every groove. 2 per pack For the tightest of corners and crevices Hard strength bristles 0.75" Head Diameter Dishwasher safe
Soft Brush (x2) Soft Brush (x2)
The soft, non-scratch brush for surfaces needing a gentle touch. 2 per pack For upholstery, dashboards and delicate surfaces Soft strength bristles 0.75" Head Diameter Dishwasher safe
Base Stand Base Stand
The SonicScrubber base for keeping your tool and brush heads together, and at arms reach. Space for 1 x Tool Space for 4 x brush heads Holds any tool and any brush head Dishwasher safe Note: Tool and brush heads not included

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"A Sonic Scrubber has been a staple gadget in my cleaning cupboard for years! With its multiple attachments, I can use it for so many cleaning jobs including grout, taps, the washing machine drawer, dishwasher filter and more! I wouldn’t be without mine!"
Anna Louisa - Influencer (3.6m followers)
"I really do recommend that every household have one. They are a must for perfectionist cleaners like me, speedy cleaners, and anyone suffering with arthritis."
Lindsey Crombie - Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner