A tool with a thousand uses

SonicScrubber is powered to clean the nooks and crannies of homes, vehicles, footwear...and everything in-between.

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Clean faster, easier, better.

High powered scrubbing and targeted brush heads provides quick, precision cleaning with none of the fuss.

SonicScrubber Store Image SonicScrubber Store Image SonicScrubber Store Image SonicScrubber Store Image


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9 interchangeable heads to clean the in-betweens

Different sizes, strengths, and shapes for every detail.

Shop Brushes and Extras

Medium Brush

The SonicScrubber all-rounder for corners, joins and tight gaps. Our hero.

Great for

  • Most surfaces
  • Grout & general use

Cone Brush

Rigid and pointy to get into every groove. So satisfying.

Great for

  • Tight spaces
  • Lips, joins, cracks and seals

Large Brush

For larger surfaces and power scrubbing. Go big or go home.

Great for

  • Larger surface areas
  • Sinks, basins and applicances

Scrubbie head

Holds our abrasive SonicScrubbies® - our mini scouring pads with added oomph.

Great for

  • Utilising the SonicScrubbies® range
  • Tackling the toughest grime

Lug Nut Brush

Long bristles with a recessed centre for extra-close cleaning. Give lug nuts a hug.

Great for

  • Alloy wheel cleaning
  • Lug nuts and larger areas

Bottle Brush

Angled to reach in and around glassware and more. Many bristles make light work.

Great for

  • Baby bottles and cups
  • Vases and glassware

Long Brush

Longer bristles for added flex.
Kinder on soft materials.

Great for

  • Delicate materials
  • Eyelets & seams

Large & Long Brush

Our large brush head with longer bristles to scrub with extra flex. Nice and bendy.

Great for

  • Toe caps and upper material
  • Under soles

10K oscillations per minute

Targeted brush heads

Watertight & lightweight

Up to 3 hours continuous use



















4 ready-to-scrub systems

Each system comes with a powered handle and a selection of interchangeable heads. Twist on, power up and get scrubbing.
Household System
Household System
SonicScrubber Store Image

Clean behind taps, along window frames, between tiles, and so much more. Our Household range will make themselves at home.


  • Sinks, grout, dishwasher trays, hobs....
Vehicle System
Vehicle System
SonicScrubber Store Image

Cars, bikes, boats....any mode of transport can be made to shine. Enjoy detail cleaning in the fast lane.


  • Alloy wheels, car badges, dashboards...
Footwear System
Footwear System
SonicScrubber Store Image

From tread to tongue, clean muddy boots, sports shoes and everything in-between. Cleaning your boots is a walk in the park.


  • Treads, soles, eyelets, toe caps....
Washing Up System
Washing Up System
SonicScrubber Store Image

Scrub up cookware, glasses, ovens, microwaves and more. Wash up made as easy as pie.


  • Cookware, baby bottles, glassware, utensils....

25000+ reviews

Often copied, never bettered

Many try to bear the name, but there is only one SonicScrubber. We started the range and lead it with the best technology, attachments and followers.
"A Sonic Scrubber has been a staple gadget in my cleaning cupboard for years! With its multiple attachments, I can use it for so many cleaning jobs including grout, taps, the washing machine drawer, dishwasher filter and more! I wouldn’t be without mine!"
Anna Louisa - Influencer (3.6m followers)
"I really do recommend that every household have one. They are a must for perfectionist cleaners like me, speedy cleaners, and anyone suffering with arthritis."
Lindsey Crombie - Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner