About Us

We are obsessed with cleaning nooks, crannies, and everything in-between.

About Us

There is something deeply satisfying about scrubbing along the dirty groove of a fridge door, under a mucky bike part, or around the sole of a muddy boot. We're here for people who want to clean the details faster...easier...better.

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Since 2007

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A (hard-to-clean) gap in the market

Sponges, cloths and regular brushes have been the staple method of cleaning for years. But what about those really awkward gaps and details that need a good scrubbing? People used to reach for old toothbrushes, even rulers to clean along rims?

That's why SonicScrubber was born.

30,432 reviews

Often copied, never bettered

Since 2012, there have been many copies of the SonicScrubber...but our passion for the sector, and our unrelenting pursuit of quality, has kept us at the top of the detailed cleaning category throughout. We’re incredibly proud of our many sparkling reviews, and all our social and online supporters.
How it works

What will you scrub?

Some people use their SonicScrubber for one specific task, other scrub everything in sight. We're here for the house proud. The car obsessed. The mountain biker. The boat owner. The great outdoors lover, and so much more. We hope you'll enjoy using your SonicScrubber as much as we do.

"A Sonic Scrubber has been a staple gadget in my cleaning cupboard for years! With its multiple attachments, I can use it for so many cleaning jobs including grout, taps, the washing machine drawer, dishwasher filter and more! I wouldn’t be without mine!"
Anna Louisa - Influencer (3.6m followers)
"I really do recommend that every household have one. They are a must for perfectionist cleaners like me, speedy cleaners, and anyone suffering with arthritis."
Lindsey Crombie - Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner