How it works

It's really quite simple...

How it works

The SonicScrubber range is designed to reach all kinds of hard-to-clean areas that sponges, clothes and regular brushes struggle with. Oscillating bristles "lift" dirt from surfaces, and with interchangeable brush head styles there is a size, shape and strength that works for everyone. From gaps and grooves to awkward spaces, let SonicScrubber do the hard work for you.

SonicScrubber Store Image SonicScrubber Store Image SonicScrubber Store Image SonicScrubber Store Image

10K oscillations per minute

Fast, back-and-forth oscillation is safer than rotation, and quicker than manual cleaning

Targeted brush heads

Varied by size, shape and strength. We have a tool for every job

Watertight & lightweight

Safe to use in-and-around water, and comfortable enough to use for as long as the clean needs

Up to 3 hours continuous use

The SonicScrubber works fast, but will last for hours to see you through the job

How does the SonicScrubber compare?

When compared with manual methods, the SonicScrubber is a great addition and/or replacement of manual brushes and cloths. If comparing with other products (falsely claiming to be SonicScrubber), then we are the only ones to provide you with the original version, that is well built, durable, and which lasts the volume and vigour of cleaning regimes. Our motors are designed to power through pressure, and work to a high rate. We are the only one who can ligitmately carry the SonicScrubber name, and we exist, as we have done since 2007, to provide you with the best version of it.

What can I use the SonicScrubber on?

The only limit is your imagination...and how dirty things are!
















No more manual scrubbing

It still needs a human at the healm, but otherwise the SonicScrubber does the rest

• Save time & elbow grease • Enjoy better results • Gets into difficult areas • Clean faster & easier • Ideal for assisting ailments

"A Sonic Scrubber has been a staple gadget in my cleaning cupboard for years! With its multiple attachments, I can use it for so many cleaning jobs including grout, taps, the washing machine drawer, dishwasher filter and more! I wouldn’t be without mine!"
Anna Louisa - Influencer (3.6m followers)
"I really do recommend that every household have one. They are a must for perfectionist cleaners like me, speedy cleaners, and anyone suffering with arthritis."
Lindsey Crombie - Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner
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If you choose to buy on this website then you can be sure you are getting the real deal. Otherwise, look out for our logo. Many copy the name and look, but our logo can be a sure fire way to tell if its original. Lastly, always feel free to contact us to ask.

Oscillation is where the brush head goes back-and-forth, rather than spinning. This motion has the impact of 'lifting' dirt from a surface, rather than pushing it around. This improves performance, and is safer for surfaces. The SonicScrubber does this over 150 times every second!

No. The "Sonic" part of our name is simply a reference to speed and how fast our brush heads move.