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Buying SonicScrubber

If you purchase via this website, then this is the safest way to ensuring you are getting the real deal. We purposefully limit our distribution to selective channels, but do sell on other platforms such as Amazon. Be cautious as many suppliers say they are selling a 'Sonic Scrubber' but it does not carry our brand. If you wish to order via another platform, then please feel to check with us before buying and we will be happy to help
Unfortunately not. However, in the UK, our retail partner Lakeland carry selected SonicScrubber products within their stores. We recommend checking with your local store if/what they carry as stockholding can vary nationally.
We keep our distribution tight so that you can be confident of where/when you are getting a genuine SonicScrubber. We supply directly through platform such as Amazon, and via our chosen UK retailer Lakeland. Outside of those, it is unlikely a 'SonicScrubber' listing is a genuine SonicScrubber product

Delivery & Returns

Orders before 12 noon on a work day will be despatched the same day. Orders after 12 noon or on a non-work day will be despatched the next working day. Delivery is 2-3 working days from despatch.
Unfortunately we only sell the SonicScrubber in the UK currently.
You should have receive an email with your tracking reference so that you can track the status of your shipment. If you still have questions, or if it shows that there is an issue with delivery then please contact us with your order reference number and we will be happy to look into it.
Yes. Items should be sent back within 30 days of receipt and should be unused and in their original packaging. We provide a freepost address where you can return your order. Please refer to our Refund Policy for further details.

Product Use

There are literally thousands of using for the SonicScrubber. There are too many to list for all the different brushes and accessories available. Wherever you use a manual brush, you can use a SonicScrubber, once you start, you will find more and more things to use it on. It will become your little cleaning companion.
To remove, look at where the brush head meets the tool/handle and locate the text 'Twist to remove'. Twist the head in the direction of the arrows shown and then pull away from the tool. To attach a brush head, look around the top of the handle where the tool inserts into the brush head. Printed on the connecting stem you will find the text 'Push on then Twist'. There is a small and large grove either side of the connecting stem, and these match with a small and l arge protrusion on either side (inside) of the brush head. Line these up and push/twist the brush head as per the arrows printed.
With fully charged batteries, the SonicScrubber will last around 3 hours continuous use.
To use the SonicScrubbies scouring pads you will require the 'Scrubbie Head'. These SonicScrubbies system use a rough/smooth connection that allows you to peel & stick the Scrubbie pads as required. It's really that simple.
The SonicScrubber uses oscillation to minimise the risk of scratching (unlike rotational brushes). However delicate surfaces could be at risk from our stronger brushes, so we recommend choosing your brush head carefully and testing on inconspicuous areas first. Accessories such as SonicScrubbies and Metal brushes are highly abrasive and will scratch surfaces that they are not intended for. By rule of thumb, if you wouldn't clean the area with a manual version of the brush or accessory then do not use the SonicScrubber version. The opposite is also true.
Yes. Also our current and historic models use the same connection system and can therefore be used (excluding discontinued Professional system)
In terms of the tool - nothing. Our tools are all of the same quality, design and build, and vary only by colour. The heads for each range will vary thought in accordance with specific application in that area.

Product Care

Batteries are accessed via the base of the tool. To access the battery compartment there are two raised buttons (either side of the tool) just above the battery compartment. These are at the base of the tool and are part of the rubberised handle. Squeeze/Press these buttons inwards (towards the centre of the tool) until you hear it click, to release the battery cap to access the batteries. Remove and insert new batteries in the correct configuration. This configuration is printed on the dividing section within the handle (look inside battery compartment with batteries removed). Replace battery cap by lining up the printed dot on the cap with the printed dot on the tool, and push until it clicks.
All our SonicScrubbers take (and come with) 4 x AA batteries.
Yes you can. We recommend using standard batteries as they deliver more power and longevity than rechargeable batteries however.
Yes, the SonicScrubber is watertight. It can't go to great depths, but it ready and willing to be dipped, splashed, and generally used in and around water.


Please start by checking the batteries. Are the batteries okay (check in another device) and are they inserted correctly? If all okay then the issue may be with your SonicScrubber. Please refer to our Guarantee to see if you are entitled to a free replacement. If not, then you can try a few things. Firstly, turn on tool without a brush head connected. If it doesn't turn on, then there is an issue with the handle and you will require a new tool. In some instances a battery may have leaked and coated the terminals inside the tool. You can try cleaning them using a pen and rag (or similar). If your unit does turn on, but one or more of the brush heads don't work, then your issue will be with the brush heads, for which replacements can be purchased.
It shouldn't be easy to do, but if you have applied your brush head backwards, then you may find it has got stuck on the tool. Twist and pull on the brush head (as per the arrows) to remove it. You may need to be quite forceful and there is a possibility that it will break the connecting spindles inside the brush head. If this is the case then you can review purchasing a new brush head, but at least the tool may be okay to use with other brush heads.
Unfortunately not. The SonicScrubber is not designed to be taken aprt, so it isn't possible to repair them. However it you have purchased you SonicScrubber from a UK source in the last 12 months then we can arrange sending you a replacement free of charge.
We changed our ranges over the years, but our head connection system has remained the same. Therefore if you have a Grey/Green, Grey/Blue, Blue/White, or Green/Yellow tool, then our Household (White/Black) or Pro Detailer (Yellow/Black) brush heads will fit your tool. We no longer offer the brush heads in the other colours mentioned. Please note that the Professional (Orange) brush heads will not fit any other models. If you have any other colour of tool then please contact us to check.
Please contact us and we will see what we can do.


Yes, the SonicScrubber comes with a 1 year warranty. We recommend keeping a proof of purchase, espcially for store purchases where there is no online purchase history or email trail. We offer our guarantee on all products supplied from a UK source. For international purchases, please refer to 'I didn't purchase my SonicScrubber in the UK, what guarantee is there?'.
If your order was shipped from a UK source, then it will come with a 1 year warranty as standard. If you purchased from retailer in your own country then it is dependable. Please contact us with the details of your order and issue, and we will review your claim.