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The Ideal Father's Day Gift For Cyclists, Sailors & Car Lovers

Get Dad To Scrub His Act Up This Father's Day

SonicScrubber has become a firm favourite with house-proud mums across the nation, including famous cleaning influencers Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon.

Now there's a new version of the famous electric scrubber that could see dads cleaning up their act too.

It's the perfect Father's Day gift for car, bike and boat lovers.

SonicScrubber Vehicle System

The new SonicScrubber Vehicle System is the ideal tool for cleaning dirt and grime from hard to reach places on cars, bikes and boats. From alloy wheel spokes to bike gears, the tool set comes with a range of brush heads designed for achieving a showroom finish at home.

It’s great for removing crud around car windows, muck around wing-mirrors, grime around the gear stick or mud from dad’s mountain bike.

All parents of young children know that kids' car seats are magnets for food spills, drink spillages and general yuckment. Thankfully, the SonicScrubber Vehicle System is dad’s perfect little assistant for cleaning crumbs from the crevices, around the safety straps and all those hard to reach areas around children’s car seats and booster cushions. It's also handy for cleaning around air vents, steering wheel stalks and buttons- in fact all the parts of your car's interior that it's hard to get a cloth or large brush into.

Some dads love to get on their bike for Father's Day, but few enjoy cleaning it afterwards. Luckily, with interchangeable brush heads, that oscillate 10,000 times a minute, the SonicScrubber Vehicle System makes short work of dirt on brakes, chains, saddles and everything in-between. Now dad can show other cyclists a clean pair of wheels at the traffic lights.

Boat owning dads will love the SonicScrubber Vehicle System too, it's perfect for shifting mould, algae and getting everything on deck looking shipshape.

A Proven Choice of Gift

At the time of writing, SonicScrubber already has over 30,000 positive reviews on review sites testifying how powerful, effective and easy to use it is. The original household cleaning tool is the bestseller in its category, often copied but never bettered. 
Now, with the gift of a new SonicScrubber Vehicle System, dad can scrub-up nicely too this Father's Day.