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Your Sonic Scrubber Questions Answered

We get asked lots of questions about the SonicScrubber* range, but also about electric scrubbing brushes in general. So today we’re going to answer a few of them.

Are Sonic Scrubbers worth it?

They're excellent for cleaning edges, grooves, nooks, crannies and hard to reach areas. But be careful to buy the original SonicScrubber. 


The original SonicScrubber brand features a range of tools that have been extensively tested, using a specially developed oscillation pattern to loosen dirt. The products come with good quality brush heads, that are safe to clean in the dishwasher and which are certified as water resistant. 


Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but sadly the popularity of the original SonicScrubber has led to the emergence of cheap, lookalike, ‘sonic scrubber’ products. These imitators may look similar, but rarely work as well. They often have weaker motors, which lose power when you apply pressure to the head. Many copycat products also use very basic, ‘back and forth’ or spinning brush head movements that don’t loosen dirt as effectively, compared to original SonicScrubber products. Cheaper lookalikes may also have poorer quality bristles on their brushes and lower water resistance.


Original SonicScrubber brush heads can be popped in the dishwasher after use and you can order replacements when yours wear out. Many imitation products don’t offer replacement heads, so once the bristles wear out, you have to throw the whole thing away, creating extra expense and unnecessary waste. 

What is the difference between SonicScrubber and Sonic Scrubber?

SonicScrubber is the brand name of the original product, often copied but never bettered. It’s designed for cleaning homes, dishes, cars, bikes, shoes and everything in-between.


What does a SonicScrubber do?

SonicScrubber is a detailed cleaning product, it’s great for cleaning hard to reach areas, and into grooves and corners, such as tile grout, behind taps, washing machine drawers and around the hob.


There are different SonicScrubber products with attachments and brushes for footwear, cars and vehicles and washing-up as well as the popular Household System. 

SonicScrubber is also great for removing spot stains, such as mug rings, takeaway curry residue, and black mould and moss stains around windows. The soft-brush attachment can even be used on glass and fabrics.

Recently the SonicScrubbies™ range of scrubbing patch attachments was introduced, with different grades of scouring power. A popular choice with parents is the magic-eraser pad, which can remove wax crayon from walls asn hard surfaces.

How long does a SonicScrubber last?

With fully charged batteries, the SonicScrubber will last for up to 3 hours of continuous cleaning. You can also order replacement brush heads when your original set wears out.

Which scrubber is the best?

The original SonicScrubber range has been developed with different tool sets and brush heads for different tasks, but all our brush heads fit all our base units, so it’s easy to buy the best scrubbing tool for the job. 

In independent tests SonicScrubber was found to require less than half the time and effort, to remove grime from hard to reach areas, compared to manual scrubbing. It’s also a Good Housekeeping Institute recommended product. 

What can I clean with a SonicScrubber?

SonicScrubber is powered to clean the nooks and crannies of homes, cookware, garden furniture, vehicles, footwear and everything in-between. It’s designed as a detail cleaner rather than for large surface areas. 

Is SonicScrubber waterproof?

The latest SonicScrubber range is certified to IPX7 water resistance. The battery unit can't operate at great depths, but can be rinsed, dipped, splashed, and generally used in and around water.

The brush heads are removable and can be immersed in water for cleaning, they are also safe to clean in the dishwasher.

How does a SonicScrubber work?

SonicScrubber has an oscillating head which moves in a pattern around 10,000 a minute, vibrating and scrubbing to dislodge dirt and grime in no time. Be warned, with so many uses around the home, you might find it difficult to put down! Luckily it can clean for up to three hours on a fully charged battery. 

What is the difference between SonicScrubber and SonicScrubber Pro?

The SonicScrubber Pro was a professional version of the SonicScrubber Household System with tougher, thicker tools and heads than the old version of the domestic tool. Since the standard range has improved over time we no longer sell a separate ‘pro’ version. 

How do you clean electric scrubber heads?

SonicScrubber brush heads are dishwasher safe.

Alternatively, dampen the bristles, squirt on a dash of washing-up liquid, massage the brush head to work up some suds, then rinse under warm water.

Where can I buy replacement heads for SonicScrubber?

You can buy replacement SonicScrubber heads at or through Amazon. At you’ll also find a range of approved accessories for your tool. 

How do I change the heads on a SonicScrubber?

To remove a head push down slightly, twist the head anticlockwise and pull it off. To attach a new head, line up the grooves inside the brush head with those on the base unit, push the head on and twist it clockwise. 


On some base units you will see printed arrows, with locked and unlocked padlock symbols to guide you. On others you’ll see arrows with the words ‘Twist To Remove’ and “Push On Then Twist.”

Can you buy a Sonic Scrubber at Argos?

The SonicScrubber brand is not currently sold at Argos but can be bought at Amazon, eBay, Lakeland, independent retailers and through the official website. 

What is an easy home Sonic Scrubber? 

The original SonicScrubber Household System is an electric scrubber, with a head that oscillates around 10.000 times a minute and a range of replaceable brush heads to make it easy to clean nooks, crannies and edges around your home. We also offer a tool set for cars and the Footwear System is designed for cleaning shoes, boots and everything in-between. 

What do you use a power scrubber for?

A SonicScrubber is a powered cleaning tool for detailed cleaning. It has an oscillating head designed to loosen dirt and grime. Oscillating heads are more effective for detailed domestic cleaning than those that spin 360 degrees. Rotating power scrubbers, sometimes called spin scrubbers, are typically designed for cleaning larger surface areas.

How does SonicScrubber differ from an electric toothbrush?

SonicScrubber has a larger, more powerful motor than most electric toothbrushes and uses an oscillating motion designed for loosening dirt, grease, mud and grime. Whilst its light, it’s longer than a typical electric toothbrush with a larger battery unit.

Toothbrushes are designed for teeth, SonicScrubber is designed for domestic cleaning jobs. NEVER try cleaning your teeth with a SonicScrubber.



*SonicScrubber is a registered trademark